15-18 June, 2017
Beijing Conference Center, China
20th International Seminar on Paste and Thickened Tailings
 7 May, 2017
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 15 June, 2017
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 16-18 June, 2017
 Paste 2017 Seminar

Technical Visit

Option 1: JCHX Paste Technology Lab

JCHX Paste Technology Lab, located in No.19, Kangbao Road, Economic Development Zone, Miyun County Beijing, is devoted to the research & development of new process, new equipment and new material in mine filling, which covers an area of 840 m2.

At present, the Lab comprises two parts: paste mechanical properties testing system and pilot plant test system of paste backfill which includes tailings thickening, paste pumping & pipe loop, tailings cyclone classification, paste preparation & mixing, etc.

Based on the needs of ecological civilization construction and sustainable development of resources, aiming at scientific and technological innovation, resources optimization and ecological mining, the objective of the Lab is to center around the advanced study of tailings paste disposal technology, such as theory research, process optimization, equipment research and filling material study related to paste.

Option 2: Wushan Copper & Molybdenum Mine

Coming Soon……

Option 3: Huize Lead & Zinc Mine

Huize Lead & Zinc Mine, located 270 km north of KunMing City, Yunnan Province, has built up the first Chinese paste backfill system based on deep cone thickening technology. The deposit is 10m thick and 400m wide, with lead and zinc grades greater than 37%. A total of 60 million tons of mill tailings and 100 million tons of smelt slag have been accumulated, and more than 3 million tons of tailing and smelt slag will be deposited annually. Meanwhile, the tailing ponds and smelt slag fields cannot be expanded due to the complex surrounding terrain and environmental concern. The paste backfill technology, utilizing unclassified tailing and smelt slag, has addressed the main challenges faced by Huize Lead & Zinc Mine. Participants on this tour will have a chance to gain insight into the paste backfill system.

Important Note: The technical visit on 19-20 June 2017 is an independent activity not included in the Paste 2017 seminar registration fee. Additional registration and payment is required.