16-18 June, 2017
CNPC Sci-Tech Exchange Center, Beijing
20th International Seminar on Paste and Thickened Tailings
 14 June, 2017
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 15 June, 2017
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 16-18 June, 2017
 Paste 2017 Seminar


As capital of the People's Republic of China, Beijing serves as the nation's center of politics, culture, international exchange and scientific innovation. With a history of over 3000 years and a capital history of more than 850 years (serving as the capital city of five ancient dynasties), Beijing is a famous historical and cultural city in the world and one of the four ancient Chinese capitals.

The Palace Museum

The Great Wall

Today, Beijing has already developed into a modern international metropolis: the Financial Street has long been a veritable financial management center of China, and the Central Business District is a symbol of Beijing's opening up and its economic strength. In addition, the National Theatre for Performing Arts, Terminal 3 of the Beijing Capital International Airport, the CCTV Headquarters Building, the "Bird's Nest", the "Water Cube", and a number of other buildings have also become the modern symbols of Beijing. Walking through hutongs in Beijing, you may find people of all races from around the world. With its brand-new image with both ancient and stylish features, Beijing is embracing more than 147 million visitors every year.

CCTV Headquarters Building

Water Cube

Meanwhile, Beijing hosts a large number of mining companies headquarter, consulting companies and mining colleges, which are developing designs and implement plans for tailings management projects. This will make for the success of the upcoming Paste 2017.