16-18 June, 2017
CNPC Sci-Tech Exchange Center, Beijing
20th International Seminar on Paste and Thickened Tailings
 14 June, 2017
 Short Course

 15 June, 2017
 Registration Onsite

 16-18 June, 2017
 Paste 2017 Seminar

CNPC Sci-Tech Exchange Center

CNPC Sci-Tech Exchange Center, standing in the core region of CNPC Sci-Tech Park, is located in the intersection of Beijing-Tibet expressway and North Sixth Ring Road, which closes to Zhongguancun Sci-Tech Park and the university district. It is adjacent to Xiaotangshan Hot Spring, and 40 minutes’ drive from the Beijing Capital International Airport. Exchange Center is the landmark of CNPC Sci-Tech Park, which not only has the Chinese neoclassicism and simple atmosphere of the interior decoration, but it has also the elegance of the architectural appearance.

Report Hall

Multi-functional Banquet Hall

The Report Hall, located on the 3rd Floor, Tower D, will be served as the conference room of this seminar. It has an area of 1540 square meters and a capacity of 600 seats. An indoor exhibition area adjacent to the conference room covers more than 300 square meters, and is able to hold 20 international standard booths at a time.

The spacious column-free space of the multi-functional banquet hall, located on the 3rd Floor, Tower A, can accommodate 600 guests dinning at the same time. Quiet and refined atmosphere, bright windows and clean tables, featured delicious food and elegant environment will provide you a enjoyable experience. Exchange Center has a distinctive restaurant, bringing together the essence of Chinese and Western cuisine and allowing you to be indulged in it and enjoy the feasts.

CNPC Sci-Tech Exchange Center:

  • Address: West of Xisha Bridge, Shahe Village, Changping District, Beijing
  • Tel: 010-80166666
  • Fax: 010-80166699